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Mr Kobo Original Handmade Wood Burned Art Pieces.

Each piece has been hand drawn and burned into the wood using the art of pyrography - where heat and varying pressures are used to engrave and burn the surface of the wood.

As every piece has been patiently made individually, these pieces are all unique and each features a different 'mudra' - a symbolic and spiritual hand gesture or seal.
The mudras depicted in this series include the Prithvi Mudra, Gyan, Buddhi, Uttarabodhi & Dhyana. Which are respectively used to increase concentration, sharpen memory, bring clarity, increase a sense of enlightenment & draw inner peace.

If you have a preference about which piece you would like, please include a message when making payment or after ordering.

Each order will include one of these unique pieces, along with a Mr Kobo sticker pack.

Thank you for looking.

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